Notes: Tipton Officials to Vote on $13 Million Tax Break

The Tipton County Council will vote tonight on a $13 million tax incentive that they hope will lure a solar panel manufacturer to town.

The Tipton County Council will vote tonight on a $13 million incentive that officials say will help sell the abandoned 90,000-square-foot factory on U.S. 31 to a solar panel manufacturer.

The money would create a bond the county would give to the trust of contractors that owns the empty Getrag plant on the northeast corner of U.S. 31 and Ind. 28. The bond would help the trust lower the cost of the plant without losing any money.

The plant has stood empty since 2008.

Getrag and Chrysler, which partnered on the would-be transmission plant, both filed for bankruptcy that year. The plant was about 85 percent complete and the companies had invested $530 million into it.

Zimmer, Inc. in Fort Wayne is eliminating 50 position as part of an internal restructuring.

The proposed trash-to-ethanol plant in Northwest Indiana continues to draw scrutiny.

Research awards and grants to Notre Dame have exceeded $100 million in one year for the first time ever.

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