Packing Company Expands in Wayne County

Sugar Creek Packing receive $265,000 in an Economic Development Income Tax Grant from the Economic Development Corp. of Wayne County. Sugar Creek plans to close on the food processing facility in the near future. The facility is located in the Gateway Industrial Park near Cambridge City.

The company will be a tremendous addition to the Wayne County community. The grant provides $200,000 and will be used for expansion and upgrades to the existing building, as well as the purchase of equipment. A total of $65,000 will go toward training of employees.

Sugar Creek plans to create 400 jobs and install five cooking lines by 2016. They expect to have two lines installed and staffed by the fourth quarter of 2013. Following 2013, the company plans to add and staff a cooking line each year through 2016. Each of the five cooking lines will run two shifts. Additionally, the company will invest $28.5 million in improvements to the existing facility. Plans include a 70,000-square-foot expansion, along with upgrades to the existing facility, and the purchase of equipment.

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