Grocery Delivery Company Expands to Porter County

Long time community members, Sally and Michael Moyer, aim to make grocery shopping more convenient for residents in Valparaiso and Chesterton, through their new service,

“We see so many people pushing their free time to the limit,” said Sally Moyer, who co-owns the business with her husband, Michael. “By using our service, customers can spend time doing the things they really enjoy. They don’t need to spend extra time picking up groceries, household supplies, auto supplies, prescriptions, and dry cleaning.”

Sally explained that customers place orders by phone or over the Internet, and the team will handle all of the shopping and errands, and then deliver the items right to the customer’s door. provides personalized grocery delivery to your home or office, from a customer’s favorite stores at no price mark up. The Moyer’s believe that it’s not only a time saver, is also a budget-friendly way to ensure that impulse buys are removed and necessary items are not forgotten.

“When a grocery order is placed with us, we make sure that the products chosen are of the highest quality and come directly from the store of the customer’s choice,” said Michael. allows customers to place orders up to seven days in advance and gives consumers the choice of which stores their products are purchased at. Sally and Michael’s ultimate goal for is to eliminate customer’s stress regarding the countless hours spent shopping for groceries and household supplies, standing in line, and fighting traffic.

“I love this community and enjoy seeing people spending time with their family. We are excited to provide customers with more time in their schedule for friends and family,” Michael says excitedly about the new community service.

Source: Jennifer Small

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