New Technology Capable of Identifying Circulating Cancer Cells in Human Blood

Crown Point, Indiana:

IVDIAGNOSTICS, LLC. (hereafter “IVD”) of Crown Point, Indiana, and StableBody Technologies LLC (hereafter “SBT”) of Madison, Wisconsin, announce their development agreement for a novel “Circulating Cancer Cell Detection System” (hereafter “CCCDS”).

The system, consisting of a diagnostic instrument platform by IVD and customized cancer biomarker reagents from SBT, is expected to produce a commercial product capable of identifying circulating cancer cells in human blood, non-invasively. Both companies will contribute necessary source funding and scientific expertise for the proprietary detection platform and necessary critical reagents for a commercial grade product offering.

IVD is a biotechnology company with considerable experience and intellectual property in the in-vitro cell detection technology field and the human cancer cell bio-marker field. IVD has developed a prototype platform for the intent of non-invasive cancer cell detection in human blood.

Mr. Szczepanski said “IVDiagnostics looks forward to working with Stablebody Technologies in an effort to improve the diagnosis of Circulating Tumor Cells at earlier stages of cancer growth. By utilizing the IVDxTx platform together with SBT stable proteins we hope to better clarify and characterize the molecular diagnosis of metastatic disease and monitor patient progression via realtime analysis.”

SBT has considerable experience and intellectual property in the protein design and critical reagents field, including exclusive use of licensed human cancer cell biomarkers. SBT has development work underway for important biomarkers for cancer cells not previously available.

Mr. Horn commented “New, next generation reagents having high stability, sensitivity and specificity for particular disease indications, offer new tools for disease detection not previously possible.”

The Project plans the development completion of the CCCDS within one year of the Project initiation, with clinical evaluation and life science company commercialization licensing with two years of the Project start. SBT and IVD will continue discussions toward a potential merger while engage on the CCCDS development project.

IVDiagnostics is located at the Northwest Indiana Purdue Technology Center. StableBody Technologies is located at the University of Wisconsin Innovation Center.


For further information, contact:
IVDiagnostics: Frank Szczepanski, Co-Founder & Chairman
9800 Connecticut Drive, Crown Point, Indiana 46307
Phone: (219) 840-0007
StableBody Technologies: H. Rossiter Horn, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
505 S. Rosa Road, Suite 109, Madison, Wisconsin 53719
Phone: (608) 698-8445

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